Lodge Manufacturing Co. – Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Manufacturing Co. is a maker of seasoned cast iron cookware. Lodge was founded in 1896 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA – and continues to manufacture their cookware there today.

How is Cast Iron Cookware Manufacturer?

Lodge creates its cast iron cookware through an age-old process called sand moulding. A proprietary mix of molten pig iron, steel and other ingredients are poured into a mould made of sand. Since sand melts at a higher temperature than iron, the mould holds its shape. Once the cast iron pan or pot has cooled, the sand mould is broken – and then sent off for finishing.

The final step in the finishing process is spraying the cookware with soybean oil and bake at a high temperature – creating a seasoned surface.

The Range

Lodge offers a wide range of pans, including:

• Skillets: Skillets are frying pans. They come in a range of diameters from 3.5inches to 15inches. The larger diameter skillets come with a helper handle to aid lifting.
• Deep Skillets. Deep skillets are a saute pan that is used for sauting, and shallow braising and frying.
• Grills: Grills are skillets, pans and griddles that have a raised lined pattern on the interior base. Apart from searing grill marks onto the foods, the pattern also aid’s the evaporation of moisture that may leach from your ingredients during cooking.
• Covers: Are used in conjunction with skillets and deep skillets to slow evaporation and retaining heat. The Lodge covers come with nipples on the underneath. This aids the conversion of vapour to liquid, so it can be retuned to the foods cooking in the pan
• Griddles: Griddles are a type of plancha. Griddles are characterised with a flat surface without sides to increasing the working and cooking surface.
• Camp ovens: Camp ovens is a dutch oven/cocotte with legs. The camp oven is designed to be used in conjunction with a camp oven tripod so it can be perched above an open fire - and be covered and sit in the hot coals. Camp ovens are mostly used for braising.

The Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware offers several benefits, including:

• Durability: Cast iron is a highly durable material that can last for generations with proper care.
• Heat retention: Cast iron has excellent heat retention, which means that it can maintain a consistent temperature for a long duration. This makes cast iron ideal for searing and braising foods.
• Even heating: Cast iron distributes heat evenly, which helps to prevent hot spots and ensures that food cooks evenly.
• Versatility: Cast iron cookware can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill, and in most cases over hot coals.
• Non-stick surface: With proper seasoning, cast iron develops a natural non-stick surface.

Lodge Manufacturing Co. – Cast Iron Cookware