Mauviel 1830 - Copper & Stainless Steel Cookware

Mauviel 1830 has a long history and tradition of making cookware to the highest of standards. 

Mauviel 1830 has been based in Normandy since the artelier was founded in 1830. Mauviel has a long history and tradition of making cookware to the highest of standards. This long history and tradition has always included modernising their production processes for the times – however hands are still utilised in the assembly, shaping, hammering, tinning, polishing, and stamping – after all they’re crafts people first and foremost.

Phillip & Lea has always been amazed by the extensiveness of the Mauviel range – particular the breadth of materials, shapes, dimensions and capacities. There are 800+ assembled products across the Mauviel collections. Phillip & Lea stock the M’COOK, M’150s, M’200ci, M’200b, M’STEEL and M’PASSION collections – and indent other items from other collections at the request of customers.

Copper Cookware

Copper is known as the royal of metals used in cookware - and a speciality of Mauviel. Mauviel coppersmiths have a wealth of experience and expertise. This experience and expertise have seen the development and running of programs for apprentice coppersmiths. Functionally, copper is known for the speed at which it conducts and distributes heat. This provides cooks excellent heating control – essential for all cooking preparations.


Stainless Steel Cookware

Another important functional material used in cookware is aluminium, which is also known for the speed at which it conducts and distributes heat. The best stainless steel cookware has a core of multiple layers of aluminium to the lip of the pan’s vessel. Of course, Mauviel’s stainless steel collection has 3-plys of aluminium sandwiched between in two layers of 18/10 stainless steel – providing excellent heating control, as well as outstanding rust and corrosion resistance.     

Mauviel’s range of shapes, dimensions and capacities is unrivalled. With such an extensive range, customers can create a cookware set that best matches the cuisines/preparations they cook, as well as the heating source(s) available to them, and the numbers in their household and entertain for.

The various cookware shapes (i.e. height and splay) are designed with a specific cooking method in mind. From frying to sauce making to stock making - and everything in between - there is a shape to achieve the rate of evaporation that a cooking method requires. From deep caramelisation, to intensifying flavour through reduction to enriching water with ingredients through simmering over a long period of time – Mauviel has a pan to achieve the perfect result!  

Mauviel offers an extensive array of capacities/dimensions for each of their collections. From a household of 1 to the ultimate entertainer there is a capacity/dimension that a cooking method requires.

Mauviel cookware is enjoyed in the kitchens of home cooks to the restaurants of celebrated chefs. Maintain and care for your Mauviel cookware and it will be a life-long companion in your kitchen.  

Mauviel 1830 - Copper & Stainless Steel Cookware