Free Home/Work Delivery

We are offering a free home/work delivery service online in response to the COVID-19 situation. Free home/work delivery applies to the following areas.

  1. 10kms of Melbourne CBD every Wednesday. The applicable post codes can be found here. Please set the Radius field too 10kms.
  2. Trentham, Tylden, Kyneton, Woodend, Mount Macedon, Macedon, Gisborne and surrounding areas every Thursday.

We will call you when your order has been placed at the front door or reception. If the delivery is to your home we will maintain a safe distance until the door is opened. We will wish you a very good day and be on our merry way. If the phone or door is un-answered we will leave items in a safe place out of the weather. We will message you the details. If we can’t find a safe place we will contact you to organise a re-delivery.

Minimum order is $75.00.

The online store has been updated for a home delivery shipping method as part of the check-out process. Orders for home delivery can also be processed over the phone by calling any of our numbers in 'contact us' above.