MAUVIEL cookware set offer

Phillip & Lea offers generous discounts for MAUVIEL cookware sets.

The structure of the offer is as follows:

Set Size                                     Price

1-4 items in-store                 retail

5+ items                                   15% off retail

7+items                                     17.5% off retail

9+ items                                   20% off retail

12+ items                                  30% off retail

The ranges Phillip & Lea stock can be viewed online.

As Phillip & Lea orders from France regularly, MAUVIEL’s full collection is available to assemble your cookware set. The full-range catalogue can be viewed here. Once you have decided on the items to be included in your set email them (using the 6-digit code) to and a quote will be emailed in return.

Due to the extensiveness of the MAUVIEL range we can call or Skype to step through the catalogue and pricing. If you’re not sure about the benefits and features of the various ranges and items is best that you take us up on this offer to ensure your set best fits your needs.

Small Print

A. Discount structure applies to the number of items in a single purchase.

B. A few MAUVIEL items are excluded from the discount offer in terms of being included in the count of items to determine the size of the set, and therefore the applicable discount. However excluded items will be discounted at the rate applicable to the set.

Excluded items are black steel and silicon molds, minis, canele moulds, ladles, meat fork, sprinkling spoon, skimmers, funnels, copperbrill and inobrill.

C. For the purpose of clarity, MAUVIEL lids included in the set count.

D. Shipping from our warehouse to your home or work is an additional cost.  There is no additional shipping cost if picking up from the Fitzroy or Trentham stores.

E. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.