• 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge
  • 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge
  • 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge
  • 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge
  • 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge
  • 'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge

'Stour' Copper Rain Gauge

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Suffolk, United Kingdom

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



28cm (height) x 12.3cm (funnel opening diameter)


Copper (body and funnel) + Brass (funnel spout) + Plastic (measure)

{Information}Care Instructions

As this rain gauge is made of solid cooper - and not anodised a copper colour - it has certain properties. Copper will tarnish - and left exposed to the elements will form an aqua-green patina. This process is a natural one.

Copper slowly reacts to oxygen. The oxidation process is evident by a brown or black tarnish. This tarnish can be removed using high quality copper cleaner. If the tarnish is allowed to develop then a protective aqua-green patina forms. This patina protects the copper from the elements.

If the patina is unwanted the gauge will need to be cleaned regularly.

The rain gauge consists of a copper and brass funnel, copper collector and calibrated plastic measure. The rain is collected and funnelled into the inner plastic measure from which the contents can be measured. Any additional rainfall is collected in the large copper body of the rain gauge and can be measured by pouring it into the supplied measuring jar.

Plastic measure calibrated in millimetres and inches.

Includes guide to rainfall observation and recording.