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Splitting Wedge

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The Wedge is twisted with a grooved poll, bevelled corners and a hardened tip. Splitting wedges are used to split really big, knotty or cross-grained logs. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use several wedges in parallel. The Wedge is used in conjunction with the Splitting Maul which, with its weight and strong poll with bevelled corners, is suitable for striking a wedge. Warning: Do not use an ordinary axe as a wedge or sledgehammer. It is not made to withstand the force and may therefore become deformed. Remember that there is always a risk in striking steel against steel. A fragment of steel could fly off and damage your eye, for example. It is therefore advisable to wear safety goggles and protective clothing. Make sure that the wedge and the corners of the maul?s poll are kept bevelled.


Gransfors Bruk


Gransfors, Sweden

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



23cm (length)




Recycled steel (head)

{Information}Care Instructions

Make sure that the Wedge and sheath are not wet when you put on the sheath. Oil the Wedge before it is put away for some time. An un-oiled Wedge may rust. We recommend oiling the Wedge with camellia oil.

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