• Bleja Outdoors Knife
  • Bleja Outdoors Knife
  • Bleja Outdoors Knife
  • Bleja Outdoors Knife

Bleja Outdoors Knife

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Holmedal, Norway

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



8.5cm (blade Length) x 11.7cm (handle length) x 0.27cm (blade thickness)




Triple laminated stainless steel (blade)


Curly Birch


Leather sheath

{Information}Care Instructions

Clean and dry knife after use with a non abrasive cloth. If leather becomes wet, dry at room tempertaure. Do not leave in direct sunlight. To maintain suppleness of the sheath, impregnate leather with non-acidic leather grease or wax perioduically. Sharpen knife with whetstone or diamond sharpener. Never use a grinding wheel to sharpen knives, as it is likely to damage the blade beyond repair.

The name Bleja comes from the highest mountain that overlooks the fjord and the Helle factory.

This largish folding knife is designed for everyday tasks. Its sturdiness allows it to perform on an equal level with almost any fixed blade.

The blade is held in place with a back lock mechanism and the handle has a small fingerguard for safer use.

Includes a leather sheath.