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Gaupe Outdoors Knife

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Holmedal, Norway

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



10.7cm (blade Length) x 11.5cm (handle length) x 0.31cm (blade thickness)




Triple laminated stainless steel (blade)


Curly Birch


Leather sheath

{Information}Care Instructions

Clean and dry knife after use with a non abrasive cloth. If leather becomes wet, dry at room tempertaure. Do not leave in direct sunlight. To maintain suppleness of the sheath, impregnate leather with non-acidic leather grease or wax perioduically. Sharpen knife with whetstone or diamond sharpener. Never use a grinding wheel to sharpen knives, as it is likely to damage the blade beyond repair.

One of the most classic of the mid-size knives in the Helle range. A great carving knife for most tasks on your adventures.

Gaupe takes its name from the Norwegian word for Lynx, having somewhat of the same character as that animal. It features a classic Scandinavian shape with a small fingerguard and a secure grip for medium size hands.

Includes a leather sheath.