• 28cm M'STEEL Round Frying Pan

28cm M'STEEL Round Frying Pan

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Mauviel 1830


Villedieu-les-Poeles, Normandy, France

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



28cm (diameter) x 4cm (height)

{Specifications}Vessel Thickness



Black steel



{Information}Energy Source

Gas + Electric + Halogen + Induction + Oven

{Information}Care Instructions

Hand wash only. The pan is dipped in beeswax post-production. This is an important process as it prevents the risk of corrosion during shipping. Under very hot running water, wash the pan, inside-and-out, in soap and scrub with a non-metallic brush or hard sponge to remove the beeswax. Double check that all beeswax has been removed before seasoning. The pan will require seasoning before use. To season, cover the bottom of the pan with flavorless oil with a high smoking temperature (such a grapeseed), and heat for 5 minutes. Let the pan cool before draining the oil, and then wipe clean with paper towels. Repeat the process a second time and your pan is ready for use. After this process, the pan will acquire a natural non-stick property that will darken over time. After cooking, wash the pan in hot water, wipe with a soft sponge and dry thoroughly. Do not use dishwashing liquid. Do not remove the black layer that forms at the bottom of the pan. Dry thoroughly to prevent corrosion and store in a dry area.


The M'STEEL range is made of carbon steel and to a commercial level. It is an excellent conductor of heat, making it ideal for searing, browning and grilling.

In terms of temperature control, heat the pan at a lower temperature - never more than 60%, as it does not require much heat to reach its cooking temperature. As a guide, the temperature is reached when water dropped on the pan bursts into little marbles.

The pan is oven safe to 360 degrees celsius.