• No.12 Pruning Saw-Phillip & Lea
No.12 Pruning Saw
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Pruning branches up to 8cm.




South Korea

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



12cm (blade)


Carbon steel


Beech Wood


Blade can be locked out in the open and closed position.

{Information}Care Instructions

This saw is not a full or partially tang saw. Therefore, it is important that twisting the blade is avoided. Twisting runs the risk of snapping the blade.Cutting should occur along the section of the edge closest to the handle. Cutting at the point or tip runs the risk of snapping the blade. As with all carbon steel blades, they must be treated to avoid rusting. We recommend camellia (tsubaki) oil to protect blades made of carbon steel. Other suitable oils may also be used. Ensure the blade is clean and dry before applying camellia oil. Simply wipe the blade with a clean cloth impregnated with camellia oil. Re-apply after each use or when the film of oil has worn away.