• HK500 Pressurised Lantern Polished Brass-Phillip & Lea

HK500 Pressurised Lantern Polished Brass

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Refer to User Manual for operation of lantern.




Magdeburg, Germany

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



42cm (height) x 16cm (base diameter)


2.4kg (unfilled)


1litre (tank)




Fuel funnel, replacement parts set (6 parts), spirit can and incandescent mantles (2)


Kerosene or Parrafin (lamp oil). Kerosene should only be used in the outdoors, as it doesnt burn as clean as Parrafin.

{Information}Burn Time

Up to 8 Hours

{Information}Care Instructions

Refer to User Manual for cleaning maintenance and storage of Lantern.

{User Manual}