• Spaghetti Chitarra

Spaghetti Chitarra

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Founded in 1924 in the Italian region of Abruzzo, Rustichella d'Abruzzo is renowned for producing high-quality artisanal pasta. They use a blend of the highest-grade hard durum wheat sourced from Italy, Canada and Australia to achieve the ideal balance of proteins, flavour and texture.

The pasta is made using traditional bronze dyes, which give the pasta a rough texture that helps sauces cling to it better. It is then dried at low temperatures for 36 to 50 hours in static drying rooms with regulated humidity to allow the proper fermentation of the semolina and the flavour to fully develop.

Rustichella d'Abruzzo pasta is celebrated for its exceptional quality, traditional craftsmanship, and rich flavour, making it a favourite among chefs and home cooks alike.