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  • 15cm Diamond Push Hoe-Phillip & Lea
15cm Diamond Push Hoe
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Push and pull the hoe through soil to slice through weeds. Edges have been sharpeded on all sides making the hoe ideal to work in all soil types. Select a head width appropriate for the area of ground to be weeded. The distance between plantings is also an important consideration. Suitable for seedling sized weeds.


Sneeboer & Zn


Bovenkarspel, Netherlands

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



174cm (length) x 155cm (handle) x 15cm (head width)




Stainless steel (proprietary)


155cm Ash wood knob handle

{Information}Care Instructions

Oil handles for a protective coat against heat and water. Unoiled handles may cause the handle to crack and weaken. We recommend boiled linseed oil. Frequency depends on conditions. At the very least oil handles at the beginning of the gardening season.