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Potting Trowel Left-handed Ash Handle

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Sneeboer & Zn


Bovenkarspel, Netherlands

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



27cm (length) x 14cm (handle) x 5.5cm (head width)




Stainless steel (proprietary)


14cm Ash wood

{Information}Care Instructions

Oil handles for a protective coat against heat and water. Unoiled handles may cause the handle to crack and weaken. We recommend boiled linseed oil. Frequency depends on conditions. At the very least oil handles at the beginning of the gardening season.

This specially designed tool for potting is a pleasure to use. The shape of the blade allows the user to scoop up material with precision and deposit it in a container of any size without spilling. The curve of the blade also makes the trowel ideal for removing roots that have grown into the porous walls of pottery.

This trowel is for left-handed users.