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Stone Spade with Steps 85cm D-Handle

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Sneeboer & Zn


Bovenkarspel, Netherlands

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



109cm (length) x 85cm (handle) x 16cm (head width)




Stainless steel (proprietary)


85cm Ash wood d-handle

{Information}Care Instructions

Sneeboer spades are very durable tools. However spades are digging implements. Using spades to lever out large roots and rocks runs the risk of breaking the head or handle. Using spades to perform the latter is a misuse of the tool and not covered by any warranty. The best tool for levering out roots and rocks is a digging bar. Oil handles for a protective coat against heat and water. Unoiled handles may cause the handle to crack and weaken. We recommend boiled linseed oil. Frequency depends on conditions. At the very least oil handles at the beginning of the gardening season.

This spade is designed to be used for digging tasks in stoney soils and is also ideal for transplanting roses and shrubs in rocky soils. The cutting edge is made from multiple sharpened teeth, which increases the cutting edge enabling the roots of roses and other plants to be trapped and cut effortlessly.

Includes steps to protect your boots.