• SUEHIRO #180 Professional Whetstone

SUEHIRO #180 Professional Whetstone

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Suehiro Corporation


Osaka Prefecture, Japan

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



Bonded abrasives

{Information}Care Instructions

Over time the sharpening surface will wear unevenly. The stone can be flattened using a lapping plate. Place the plate on a flat surface, sprinkle with water and sand the stone until it is flattened. Dropping the stone may cause the stone to break. Dry between uses.

This is a synthetic non-absorbent whetstone that requires only a small amount of water to use – splash and go. This model is hard and resistant to wear. Designed for regular maintenance of both household and professional knives.

This is a coarse grit stone that is suitable for chip repair and thinning.

Cleaning stone included.