• SUEHIRO #500 Whetstone

SUEHIRO #500 Whetstone

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Suehiro Corporation


Osaka Prefecture, Japan

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



Bonded abrasives

{Information}Care Instructions

Over time the sharpening surface(s) will wear unevenly. The straight sides of the stone can be flattened using a lapping plate. Place the plate on a flat surface, sprinkle with water and sand the stone along the plate until the sides are flattened. This method can be used for the round side also. But be careful to use a sanding motion that follows the curiviture of the round surface. Dropping the stone may cause the stone to break. Dry between uses.

This synthetic stone has three straight sides and one curved sides, making it an excellent choice for sharpening secateurs, shears, sickles and similar garden cutting tools.

The medium grit of this stone makes it perfect for general sharpening and edge maintenance.

Soak the stone in water for approximately 3-5 minutes before sharpening. Add water while sharpening if the stone becomes dry.