Ga.Ri - Brass Pasta Tools

Ga.Ri is a small turnery based in the Province of Piacenza, Italy. The Ga.Ri turnery makes brass pasta wheels and stamps (and a magnificent pizza wheel).

The wheels and stamps are beautifully engineered, and are suitable for both the professional and home kitchen. Phillip & Lea stocks a large assortment of Ga.Ri wheels and stamps.

Pasta wheels and stamps are used for creating different pasta shapes from sheets of pasta dough. Wheels and stamps provide the cook with the precise cuts and shapes ensuring that the pasta is uniform in size and shape - important for cooking times and presentation. The best-made stamps and wheels are made from brass. Brass is used as it is durable and long lasting and has the weight and finely honed edges to cut through pasta dough easily. The Ga.Ri wheels and stamps also come with beech wood handles.

Pasta Wheels

Pasta wheels are used to cut sheets of pasta dough into strips, ribbons or squares. The individual wheels are either fluted or smooth allowing for the creation of different types of pasta, such as Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Fettuccine and Farfalle to name a few. The Ga.Ri pasta wheels come in different variants including single, multiple, and adjustable wheel versions.

Pasta Stamps

Pasta stamps, on the other hand, are used to create filled pasta shapes. The filling is dotted out on to a pasta sheet, and then covered with another pasta sheet. The stamp is pressed down, with the filling positioned at the centre of the stamp, to cut the two sheets creating individual pieces. Examples of shapes that can be made with pasta stamps include Ravioli, and Tortelli to name a few. The Ga.Ri pasta stamps include a spring ejector that assists with removing the individual pieces from the stamp.

Pasta stamps and wheels are traditional Italian kitchen tools that are still widely used today. They are often passed down through generations of families and are considered essential for making homemade pasta.

Pizza Wheel

Phillip & Lea also stocks the Ga.Ri pizza wheel. This is a magnificent looking and functional wheel. The 10.5cm wheel can be removed for sharpening. It is made of stainless steel and brass with a food safety plastic handle – ideal for the professional kitchen.

Ga.Ri - Brass Pasta Tools