Gransfors Bruk - Splitting, Forest, Carving & Carpentry Axes

Every Gransfors Bruk axe comes with 120+ years of axe making tradition and history. Gransfors Bruk forge has been in operation in Sweden since 1902. Gransfors Bruk has built up a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility.

It’s clear that Gransfors Bruk takes axe making, as well as their sustainability responsibility, seriously. What Phillip & Lea is most impressed about Gransfors Bruk is the range of axe patterns they handcraft, as well as their high regard for the resources that are used in the production of them. Each pattern has a specific purpose - from splitting to felling and limbing to carving and carpentry. Every Gransfors Bruk axe comes with 120+ years of axe making tradition and history.

Gransfors Bruk are proud of their production and materials for two main reasons: sustainability and durability. The head of every Gransfors Bruk axe is hand forged from 100% recycled metal. Grinding, honing or polishing is restricted to the cutting edge itself. Also, the head is not painted or vanished. The avoidance of embellishment is all in the interest of minimising the impact on environment and people from the overuse of resources.

Gransfors Bruk exclusively uses hickory for all axe handles. It’s the ideal axe handle wood, due to its durability, strength and flexibility (from its long parallel fibres). To further improve the durability of the handle, it is soaked in hot linseed oil and then treated with beeswax to make it more resistant to water – whilst preventing the handle from drying out. The handles are attached with the traditional wooden wedge. This saves the use of environmentally hazardous epoxy adhesives.

Each Gransfors Bruk axe comes with a vegetable-tanned leather sheath to protect its edge during transport and storage.

Phillip & Lea stocks a wide range of Gransfors Bruk axes and sharpening stones and files – 25+ different items. We’re proud to offer these high quality, handcrafted axes and axe accessories.

The main categories of axes include: (i) Splitting axes - used for splitting rounds, or sections of rounds, for firewood. The range also includes a splitting maul, which can be used in conjunction with a splitting wedge(s) to split the largest and knottiest of rounds; (ii) Forest axes - used felling and limbing. The range also includes small forest axes suitable for hiking and use around the campsite, and a hunter’s axe for caping and breaking down your catch; and (iii) Carving and Carpentry axes, used for carving and log-building.

Browse the wide range of quality Gransfors Bruk axes and axe accessories at Phillip & Lea. Phillip & Lea choose to supply only best-made tools and wares so that quality, performance and durability is guaranteed.

Gransfors Bruk - Splitting, Forest, Carving & Carpentry Axes