Haws - Watering Cans

Haws watering cans has been manufacturing their celebrated outdoor metal watering cans since 1884. 

Since 1982 its new owners, Eclipse Sprayers, have revived and modernised the workshop, breathed life into the Haws Watering Cans brand and rekindled the Haws Watering Cans peerless reputation.

The Pennock family, the owners of Eclipse Sprayers, along with their new team have strength the Haws Watering Cans organisation, developed its operations and implementing a greener philosophy. With the introduction of new products and environmentally friendly packaging, Haws is now perfectly prepared for the demands of the 21st century, building on the wisdom gained through more than 130 years as the big name in watering cans.

Phillip & Lea is a great admirer of these cans, and use them in our own outdoor garden, and for our indoor plants. We value the materials used for the can and rose, as well as the spray or pour they deliver. The spray is ‘fine as rain’ ideal for seedings and flowering plants. The long spout of the Warley Fall is particularly useful for watering mature plants at their base.

The outdoor metal watering cans are made of steel, are rust-proofed via galvanisation, powder coated with a splash of heritage colour –  and a brass rose clinched to the end of the spout. These wonderful cans have the names like Warley Fall and Bearwood Brook, reflecting their heritage, and the gentle and precise water flow that sprays from their brass rose.

Haws - Watering Cans