Sneeboer – Stainless Steel Gardening Tools

Sneeboer Manufacturing was founded in the Netherlands in 1913, and have been making quality garden tools since. Since 1913 the company has maintained its ‘Tools for Life’ ethos while continuing to innovate. With the 4th generation at the helm of the company it is assured that the Sneeboer ethos is at the centre of every one of their tools.

Tools for Life

Sneeboer Manfacturing are known for their craftsmanship, use of propriety and classical materials, performance-focused design, versatility, longevity, reputation and heritage.
• Craftsmanship: Sneeboer tools are forged by skilled craftsman in batches using both traditional and modern techniques.
• Materials: Sneeboer spent many years developing a proprietary steel for their tool heads. The proprietary steel provides strength, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. The handles are made from ash or cherry. These woods have the appropriate grain structure to be used as handles for garden tools.
• Design: Sneeboer tools are designed with functionality and efficiency in mind. Every aspect of the tool head – shape, angle, dimensions and so on - are engineered in detail for these purposes. The ergonomic handle designs ensure a comfortable grip, reducing strain on the hands and wrists during prolonged use.
• Versatility: Sneeboer offers a wide range of tools, each designed for specific gardening tasks. This versatility allows gardeners to tackle tasks effectively with the right tool.
• Longevity: Due to their craftsmanship and materials, Sneeboer tools are known for their longevity. If properly cared for, these tools will last a life time of use, making them a worthwhile investment for avid gardeners. The company also offers a guarantee against manufacturing defects, further emphasizing their commitment to longevity.
• Reputation and Heritage: Sneeboer has a long-standing reputation in the gardening industry. With 110+ years of experience, the company has established itself as a trusted brand worldwide.
The culmination of the above means that a Sneeboer tool is a Tool for Life, making them highly prized by both home and professional gardeners.

Breadth of Range

The breadth of the Sneeboer range is extensive. They are makers of shovels, spades, trowels, forks, hoes, weeders and rakes - plus many specialty tools such as planters, edgers and so forth. Within each category the breadth of range is unveiled – in the spade category there are standard, border, stone, transplanting, pointed and many other styles of spade. Furthermore, the spades come with steps to protect your boots and provide greater purchase - and they come with either 100cm t-handle, 90cm t-handle and 85cm d-handle ash handles. This breath of range is repeated for all Sneeboer tool categories.

Sneeboer – Stainless Steel Gardening Tools