Phillip & Lea (pronounced ‘lee’) is a retailer of best-made tools and wares for aspiring and experienced cooks, gardeners, makers and outdoor adventurers. 

The heart of our brand is two-fold: the best-made and the handshake.


The best-made represents the criteria we use to select the tools and wares we stock.  In broad terms, we assess tools and wares against the knowledge and skill of the maker, the production methods deployed, specificity of its functionality, materials, and performance.

Our criteria scores tools and wares highly that are: 

  • Forged or machined by the hands of a skilled workforce in small batches, 
  • Designed with its use as the primary consideration, 
  • Made from materials that are best suited to its use, 
  • Durable, maintainable and perform to the highest of standards. 

Tools and wares that score highly are proudly stocked by Phillip & Lea.

Our criteria are not without constraint. We select tools and wares that are destined for a life-time of use, thereby minimising the repetitive consumption of the world’s natural resources.

It should be noted that best-made is not shorthand for indestructible. Realising the life-time of use will require care and maintenance by the owner. 

The Handshake

The handshake symbolises a promise – that the makers, the shopkeepers and the end users are producing, selling and using something that has real value.