• Black Professional Sink Bridge

Black Professional Sink Bridge

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{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



49.5cm (overall length) x 10cm (width) x 7cm (width of jaws)




Anodized aluminum (jaws and stone holder) and stainless steel (rods and screws)

{Information}Care Instructions

After finishing your sharpening session, we recommend cleaning the sink bridge under running water by sliding the individual parts of the stand, as this removes the slurry between the rods and the jaws. The sink bridge can be completely disassembled with two screws, which makes cleaning and storage a lot easier. We recommend cleaning it thoroughly every 3-4 sessions.
Sharpening on a whetstone generates slurry. The slurry is a combination of water, spent abrasives and metal that results from sharpening a knife on a whetstone. The sink bridge can be positioned over a sink, or on a kitchen bench, so the slurry can flow away from sharpening surface.

Whetstones from different manufacturers and series come in a wide variety of lengths and widths. This sink bridge allows the sharpener to change between whetstones easily and quickly. Each component of the sink bridge is adjustable, so the only thing that limits you is the size of your kitchen sink! The sink bridge is designed for both professional and serious home sharpeners.

The sink bridge stone holder can accommodate stones between 118-225mm in length. The sink bridge fits sinks between 260-430mm in width.