• SUEHIRO #4000 Professional Whetstone

SUEHIRO #4000 Professional Whetstone

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Suehiro Corporation


Osaka Prefecture, Japan

{Maker/Brand}Stock Keeping Unit



Bonded abrasives

{Information}Care Instructions

Over time stones will wear into an uneven surface. The stone can be flattened using a lapping plate. Place the plate on a flat surface, sprinkle with water and sand the stone until it is flattened. Dropping the stone may cause the stone to break. Dry between uses.

This is a synthetic non-absorbent whetstone that requires only a small amount of water to use – splash and go. This model is hard and resistant to wear. Designed for regular maintenance of both household and professional knives.

This is an extra fine grit stone suitable for finishing, polishing and honing.

Cleaning stone included.