Le Parfait - Preserving, Storage & Fermenting Jars

Le Parfait is a French brand that produces tempered glass jars for preserving foods. The brand was founded in 1930, and continues to be made in France today.

Preserving Jars

The primary purpose of the Le Parfait preserving jars is to bottle preserves. Le Parfait preserving jars are made of tempered glass that can withstand high temperatures and pressure – like that found in water bathers and pressure canners. Water bathers and pressure canners are used to sterilise foods and create a hermetic seal – essential for preventing the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Not all preserved foods require water bathers and pressure canners. Some only require some form of heat treatment, and then ‘hot-packed’ into jars. Le Parfait preserving jars are also suitable for ‘hot-packing’.

Le Parfait preserving jars are available in a variety of sizes, closure systems and shapes – namely Super, Terrines Super and Familia Wiss - making them suitable for a wide range of preserves.

• Super jars: The Super range has a bulbous shoulder which assists with packing whole fruits and vegetable ready for preserving.
• Terrine Super jars: The Terrine Super range has a slight splay ideal for serving your preserve (i.e. pates and terrines, chutneys, pickles and alike) directly from the jar.
• Familia Wiss jars: The Familia Wiss jar uses a two-part closure system – a Sealing Cap and a Screw Lid. The Sealing Cap and is placed on the top of the jar. The Screw Lid is screwed on to the jar to hold the Sealing Cap in place during the hermetic sealing process. The Familia Wiss jars are widely used as an alternative to preserving in a can – with the benefit that the jar can be reused time-and-time again. Like cans, Familia Wiss jars are used to bottle foods such as confits, bean dishes, fish, etc.

Le Parfait preserving range includes jam jars. These jars are used for bottling jams, marmalades, jellies and pastes. The jam jars differ from the above preserving jars as the bottling of these preparations don’t require the use of a water bather or pressure canner.

Storage Jars

Le Parfait preserving jars are widely used as storage jars. However, Le Parfait have expanded their range to include storage specific jars. The vessel of the storage jar range is made of tempered glass and has the same shape as the Super jar range. The storage jars have a plastic screw lid as its closure, making it more suitable for high frequency use.

Fermenting Jars

ChouAmi have made a stainless steel fermenting lid that screw onto the Le Parfait 1.0litre and 2.0litre storage jars. The lid expands the versatility of the Le Parfait range by converting the storage jars into fermenting jars, so they can be used to make fermented vegetables. The fermenting lid allows carbon dioxide to escape the jar, prevents oxygen from entering the jar and keeps vegetables completely submerged in its brine during the fermentation process.

Le Parfait - Preserving, Storage & Fermenting Jars