• 36cm M'PASSION Hammered Jam Pan Bronze Handle

36cm M'PASSION Hammered Jam Pan Bronze Handle

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Mauviel 1830


Villedieu-les-Poeles, Normandy, France


36cm x 12cm






Bronze (riveted)

{Information}Energy Source

Gas, Electric, Halogen & Oven

{Information}Care Instructions

Hand wash only. Use Mauviel Copper Cleaner to return luster to copper.

Due to their exceptional heat conductivity and even heat distribution, copper pans are the ultimate jam-making pans. The wide base means more of the fruit is in contact with the heat, the tapered sides allow for easier stirring and the wide top promotes fast evaporation. This all adds up to a shorter cooking time, which means the flavour, colour and texture of the fruit does not get cooked away.

Please note that pure copper is a reactive material and, therefore, only suitable for cooking fruits that are not too acidic – unless there is an ample amount of sugar added. Fruit and sugar should be mixed before adding to the pan.

Not suitable for low or no sugar jams.